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Join our Chocolate of the Month Club

Chocolate of the month

Treat your sweetheart (or yourself) to one pound of delicious handcrafted chocolates each month by becoming a member of the Chocolate of the Month Club.

You can choose from a six-month subscription for $300, or go for a one-year subscription of $500 and save $100!


Need gift ideas? What's better than the gift of chocolate?

Chocolate of the month

Treat someone you love to a gift card so they can choose their favorite chocolates whenever they want.

You can choose from 3 different gift card sizes.


Build Your Own Box of Delicious Chocolates

single box


double box


triple box


Bark Bags and Boxes

white chocolate bark

white chocolate with
blueberries & pistachios - $12


milk chocolate bark

milk chocolate with
cranberries & pepitas - $12


dark chocolate bark

dark chocolate with
almonds - $12


toffee bark

dark chocolate with
toffee & pecans - $14

white chocolate holiday bark

white chocolate with red and green peppermint bits - $12


dark chocolate holiday bark

dark chocolate with red and green peppermint bits - $12

double bark box


Chocolate Disks

white chocolate disk

white chocolate with blueberries & toasted pistachios (2 oz) - $5

milk chocolate disk

milk chocolate with toasted pepitas (2 oz) - $5

dark chocolate disk

64% dark chocolate mixed with toasted almonds (2 oz) - $5

chocolate peanut butter sandwich

smooth peanut butter, spread between two thin chocolate disks, sprinkled with toasted peanuts and sea salt. - $5

Chocolate Bite-Sized Sandwiches

Bite-Sized Sandwiches

Five pieces of assorted bite-sized sandwiches - $10

Bite-Sized Sandwiches - 2 Boxes

2 Boxes of Five pieces of assorted bite-sized sandwiches each - $18

Velvet Crunch

velvet crunch

Delicious combination of hazelnut chocolate and crunchy caramel that creates a wonderful topping - $13

Chocolate Potato Chips

dark chocolate potato chips

Dark chocolate dipped waffle potato chips. What could be better? 6 oz. - $16


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