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About The Velvet Chocolatier

Thank you for your interest in my site. I have been a lover of all things chocolate my entire life. But it wasn’t until I sold my family car business that I went to culinary school and learned how to make chocolate. I received both American and European training, and soon realized that the purest form of chocolate was best. Handmade chocolates with no preservatives, liquors, or added sugar, allows for the true flavor of the ganache to be experienced as a taste and texture.

And that is what you will find in all of my chocolates. From the toasted nuts that create a snap, to the pop of flavor from my truffles-cinnamon is my favorite. Oprah chose my creamy caramel cups with sea salt as her favorite, and the toffee with dark chocolate and pecans is my most popular bark.

It is important to mention that all of my chocolates are certified Kosher star_d, and with the exception of the peppermint cups, cashew chews, and coconut squares… everything is gluten free.

Please take your time going thru my site, let me know if you have any questions. And enjoy my chocolates-I enjoy creating them.


Chocolate requires 3 things-time, temperature, and motion. When you are working with chocolate, the hardened form is melted and then very slowly brought to the proper temperature while spinning to create a smooth consistency. And when this chocolate is ready to be used, the shine and snap of the chocolate adds to the crispness of the flavor.